about gary

Gary’s career began as a radio disc jockey in Northern California at age 18.

Gary broke his Mom’s heart by leaving college for a junior copywriter/producer job at an ad agency in San Francisco. She later forgave him for not becoming a lawyer.

At 21, Gary helped put a new radio station on the air.

Then, at 23, he started the first creative boutique in Central California.

Gary then combined his smaller, cost-efficient, idea-driven boutique with full-service muscle to form the agency he owned and ran for the next 26 years until it was sold to Thielen Partners in 2007, at the time one of the top 500 agencies in the U.S.

Today, with JanzenBrands, Gary offers a rare combination of experience in communications and marketing, spanning strategic and organizational disciplines. His unique model for delivering value and results serves as a bridge between a brand’s management and marketing staff, between account service, media, and creative departments in a client/agency setting, and between traditional and interactive cultures.

At every stage, Gary is the guardian of a brand’s message, with a depth of understanding that overcomes internal and external obstacles. And he becomes a valuable sounding board to top-level management.

Gary is married to Dr. Claudia Anrig, an internationally recognized Chiropractor, and a leading authority in Family Wellness. Together, they are active in community organizations, from the arts to the faith-based community, to local and regional non-partisan change agents.