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Capturing and communicating your brand’s essence starts with a conversation. In this initial discussion, you’ll learn how Gary can customize a model for working as a complement to your existing agency or in-house marketing department.

At every stage, Gary is the guardian of a brand’s message, with a depth of understanding how those markets forces externally and those audiences internally can grow it or diminish it.  He becomes a valuable sounding board to top-level management and CEOs who are often missing a wise and objective counsel about marketing but can’t find it because suppliers are compensated by how much is spent.

That’s not the case with Janzen Brands, which is fee-based and a la carte.

Through one-on-one collaboration with Gary, you choose from a menu of what are your company’s greatest needs: polishing or evolving your brand, finding that opportunity in the market for growth, trouble-shooting what might be missing in your plan for what you are spending, or shepherding your in-house marketing department to reach their potential. Or, it couldbe you are simply in search of that big idea.

Gary has also served as a loaned executive—a virtual marketing director—as a company recruits for a senior marketing executive.

As needed, you can engage the resources of the entire JanzenBrands team, an external pool of some of the most experienced talents with track records including America’s top brands in every discipline, including strategy, creative, production, media, interactive and PR.

No matter how you put Gary’s talents to work, you’ll see executions that are on-strategy, with less waste and greater continuity for your brand, all with the benefit of a marketing mentor who motivates from inside out to help make your brand shine.

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